WTAC 2013 Wrap Up

In 2013 World Time Attack was moved a few months later from August to October . The change of month meant that the temperature at the event was no longer bitterly cold, but rather it was a couple of much warmer Spring days. This had the effect of a much higher track temperature than past […]

WTAC 2012 Wrap Up

Wow, what a couple of months we’ve had! Our preparation and testing for the 2012 WTAC campaign had never been so intense and the Pulse Racing Team has stepped up to the challenge. Although, as we found out, the more you test the more you need to change! As the old saying goes ‘the more […]

WTAC 2012 Build Up

As the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge draws near, there is an air of excitement in the Pulse Racing workshop! The Pulse Evo has seen some rigorous testing at Wakefield Raceway and Sydney Motorsport Park at the capable hands of Steve Glenney and the finial adjustments are now being made. At the eve of WTAC […]

WTAC 2011 Wrap Up

Unfortunately we suffered with a big case of LMR (Last Minute Racing) at this year’s World Time Attack Challenge. The shop has been so busy of late that we left the race cars to all but the last minute, this coupled with almost three ground-up rebuilds of the Pulse Evo, Pulse STI and a customer-spec […]