You will never see a sub-standard car leave the Pulse Racing workshop, the simple reason being that we do not, and will never, produce a sub-standard result.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and attention to detail - your car will be a direct reflection of the tuner who worked on it. So just as our reputation will not be compromised, neither will your pride and joy.

Many tuning shops will take your hard earned money and start on your car, but not at Pulse Racing. Before you begin to modify your car, there are many questions you should ask yourself AND your tuner:

  1. How much modification can my standard engine safely handle?
  2. Is the biggest and most expensive modification always necessary?
  3. What is REALLY involved in the modifications I want?
  4. What are my goals and how can I achieve them?

Pulse Racing will take all steps necessary to ensure you are aware of the answers to all your questions before work even commences. We'll also discuss your current and future plans - this will ensure that you get the results you want with no surprises.