Customer Testimonials

Paul & Jill,

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the superb service I received from the first phone call with Jill, to picking up the car from Bryce.

I was totally shocked to find that the rear brakes on my car were so damaged and most likely dangerous. So very glad that you took the time to investigate the problem and fix it for me.

As a woman I often feel intimidated and slightly stupid when it comes to car repair centres, but felt completely the opposite at Pulse Racing. Jill was willing to listen to me describe the issue I was having with my car and able to book it in so quickly.

Paul was there to meet me when I dropped my car off and also listened to my concerns. I received two phone calls throughout the day from Bryce who spoke so politely and gave me updated on the repair and cost.

"When I arrived to pick up my car, it was lovely to be able to enter the workshop (as the front door had been locked) and not hear rough language, but find two young guys cleaning up and were ready to help me."

Bryce again took the time to explain everything on the bill (Which I might add was VERY reasonable!) and even wrapped up the old parts at my request.

Overall I wanted to congratulate you on such a lovely business and the high standards of service and repair you have shown.
I have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so!

Thank you again for taking such good care of myself and my car.


The boys at Pulse have outdone themselves!

I have been around the block when it comes to the so called 'Subaru specialists' garages, but these lads really know their way around a Subie.

"With personalised advice, attention to detail, reasonable prices, excellent facilities and more importantly RESULTS, I was really impressed with the work the guys have done for my car."

If you are passionate about your car, then these lads share that passion and will not let you drive away until they have done everything to get the most out of the car. Top notch. 

Jeremy - Blue STI

To the Pulse team,

I have been dealing with the Pulse Racing gang for a couple of years now for projects small and large. I travel from the other end of Sydney to see Paul Fisher and his gang, because I trust nobody else's expertise.

"Paul's boundless tuning knowledge is never caught short with even some of my most challenging tuning requests."

The rest of the Pulseracing team are always pleasant and accommodating and do well to keep up with Paul's ever-processing mind.

Osanda - Subaru Liberty 3.0RB H6TT

Hello Paul and All at Pulse Racing,

Thanks again for tuning my car - MY04 GT Liberty Wagon Auto.

As per our phone discussion, on the road it is a different car with huge increases in bottom and mid range power and acceleration. Take off and overtaking occur much quicker with turbo lag virtually eliminated. This is particulary true once the car is moving.

"The dyno results indicated a better than 50% increase in both power and torque and this has certainly translated to the on road performance of the car. It has so much more grunt."

All this comes with absolutely no increase in noise. I will get back to you on fuel economy but it certainly is not worse than before the tune.

A fantastic result and well done to you and the whole team.

Also, could I please sign up for the Customer Loyalty Program? Feel free to use this feed back as you wish as I am extremely happy with Pulse Racing and happy to pass on the message.

Thank you and Regards,

Dave B

Hi Paul, Jill and the all the staff at Pulse Racing,

I just wanted to thank you for the work you have done on my 08 STi.

I have been driving the car for about 2 months since that time. I have had ample opportunity to assess how much better the car is.

Firstly, due to me living in rural NSW it is difficult to get 98 RON fuel. I don't have to worry about this now, your de-tune to 95 RON fuel has made my car more fuel efficient and go harder than was otherwise the case. It is also much safer for my car, especially after Paul's world class custom tune.

That tune combined with the 3 inch stainless steel turbo back exhaust (a work of art), cold air intake, bigger waist gate and high flow fuel pump have seriously transformed the car.

"Moreover, the staff at Pulse Racing were always keen to answer my questions and give me honest advice to the point where they even talked me out of buying things I didn't need."

You really can't beat that as a measure of customer service integrity. They also provide full warranty on parts and workmanship.

Thank you once again Pulse Racing. You'll be seeing me again.

Chris B