About Us

Pulse Racing is Sydney’s premier automotive tuning workshop that's dedicated to enhancing late model vehicles. We specialise in all performance enhancements such as: ECU tuning, exhaust upgrades, engine building, and much more. We also carry out log book servicing, maintenance and inspections of your performance vehicle.

Pulse Racing was established in 2007 and is led Paul Fisher. Paul's passion for modern motorsports was the inspiration behind starting Pulse Racing. Paul is one of Australia’s leading tuners, and can be regularly found working with race teams both in Australia and around the globe.

The Pulse Racing story began in 1996 when a young Paul Fisher began his apprenticeship specialising in EFI diagnostics and mechanical repairs. Progressing rapidly through a Subaru dealership, Paul soon found himself working at Eastern Creek Raceway Automotive, immersed in tuning performance cars & rapidly acquiring a taste for power.

1999 brought with it the next phase of evolution. For seven years, Paul worked to perfect his skills in tuning, installations and performance modifications. With his ability making him a highly-prized asset to the company, Paul led MRT into ground-breaking new territory with the development of ECUTEK.

Paul further broadened his array of skills when he tuned for Advan Performance in 2006, shortly before moving to California to tune Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions for the factory Mitsubishi team.

The time and effort Paul invested into his career has paid off, his achievements including:

  • Training in United Kingdom for programming of Subaru OEM ECUs
  • Being solely responsible for ECUTEK and MRT Performance ECUTEK agent training and support
  • Running tech day presentations at various car club meetings in NSW, VIC, SA, QLD, WA and New Zealand
  • Being heavily involved with Sydney University’s Formula SAE project race cars for four years

Additionally, Paul has been invited to tune cars for workshops in all states of Australia and has travelled overseas to tune for race teams in California, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. His face and name are regular fixtures in the pages of various automotive magazines, nationwide.

Pulse Racing currently lives in the southern Sydney suburb of Menai, where Paul and a professional team of highly-trained mechanics strive to meet the mechanical and performance needs of their customers. The team spends countless hours on the road, dyno, and track, ensuring that all parts stand up to our rigorous expectations.

Our very own Pulse Racing Lancer Evolution VIII race car is a regular at the track and is a rolling testament to the capabilities of Pulse Racing and our engineers.

We have the expertise and equipment to tune and modify a wide range of vehicles, and we also have our very own Dyno Dynamics 4WD Dyno.

At Pulse Racing we pride ourselves on providing personalised, quality service. Call us today on (02) 9543 5007 to get your pulse racing!