Dyno Tuning

With years of Targa (1st Place 2005), GTP, drag racing and motorsport-winning experience, Paul Fisher from Pulse Racing has forged an internationally acclaimed reputation as one of Sydney’s leading automotive tuners. Pulse Racing has a large following of satisfied customers who have had their cars dyno tuned on the Pulse 4WD Dyno Dynamics dyno. Pulse Racing has the credentials you can depend on.

We understand the needs of the performance car owner. We will not take risks or take shortcuts, and we will not rush the tuning of your car. All tuning carried out at Pulse Racing is done so in consideration with the mechanical limits of your engine and hardware, resulting in a smooth, reliable and safe tune.

As with all performance work & tuning, safety is the highest priority for your car and your engine. There is a lot happening when a car is rolling on the dyno, so we take extra care to ensure your tune does not exceed a safe limit.

Our custom dyno tuning – titled Pulse Edit, unlocks the hidden potential in your car's ECU. We believe that proper engine management is critical to get the most out of your car. Pulse Edit grants us in-depth access into your ECU; from standard features such as fuel, ignition, boost control, variable timing, even down to your safety features.

With Pulse Edit you are guaranteed the best possible dyno tune you can get for your car. Each car is custom tuned; we don’t put any generic tunes in cars. Once we have your car on the dyno, we first log the car as is, then we get to work.

So what will a Pulse Edit dyno tune do for your car? Having the control to tune your ECU means we can improve things such as throttle response (the power output of the engine increases), fuel economy (your car will use less fuel), and driveability (idle smoothness, cold and hot starting, power delivery, and tolerance to altitude and weather changes will improve). Not forgetting vast power and torque improvements.

With almost 15 years of experience tuning high performance cars, you can trust Paul Fisher and the team at Pulse Racing to extract the optimum power from your engine, whilst maintaining excellent driveability.

Benefits of having your car professionally dyno tuned at Pulse Racing

• Custom tuned to your individual modifications
• Releases the potential of your modifications
• Unleashes the safe potential of your engine
• Maximum fuel economy achieved
• Prevents knock/detonation
• Reliable performance
• Before and after dyno graph results
• Results guaranteed